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POP3 Email Account

Not ready to have a website yet but want to be able to send and receive emails from your personal domain account.

Having an email address that is based on your domain name helps create credibility. Having a customised email address shows everyone that you are serious, as you have invested in a unique email address and are not just using a Gmail or Apple Mail account.

Email account Hosting Home

Email Account



  • 5 Mailboxes

  • POP3 Accounts

  • Enterprise Spam Protection

  • cPanel Control Panel

  • 2 gig Disk Space

Optional Extras

Aditional Disk Space Email Hosting

Aditional Disk Space

R10 per Page

You do not need to upgrade your hosting package, just add more space.

  • Fast, SSD Disk Space
  • Pay per GB
Aditional Email Hosting

Aditional Email

R5 Each p/m

If you need more than 25 email account you can add more at a monthy rate. 

  • Pay per Email account¬†
  • Add to Monthly bill
  • Pop 3 Email account